Dmogoro: Design Laboratory

The “Dmogoro” Design Laboratory is a project promoted and supported by the Municipality of Mogoro continuously from 2013 to today. It was born with the intention of creating a collaboration between Mogorese Artisans and Designers for the creation of original objects, to be presented on the occasion of the annual Artistic Craft Fair of Sardinia in Mogoro.

From its birth to today, the spirit of Dmogoro remains that of “Design for Craftsmanship” but the group’s ambitions grow year by year, aspiring to achieve increasingly important goals. The experience of 2017 has been crucial since the collaboration has brought excellent results and the objects produced have received great appreciation from the public. Motivated by this success and by the great determination of the participants, in 2018 the Dmogoro was officially established as an association and started to present its production for the sixth time on the occasion of the 57th Mogoro Artistic Craft Fair of Sardinia.

The 2018 collection is characterized by an important novelty, i.e. a single common thread between all objects. The design theme chosen this year is “The sea“. Functionally designed objects inspired by the summer season, linked to the sea areas and outdoor life. These projects are therefore inspired by shapes, colors, sensations and scents related to the sea.

For the future, the Dmogoro has as its objective and aspiration the expansion of the group to new designers and the growth of its visibility with temporary exposure in other contexts. Further innovations of the Dmogoro will be the creation of courses and workshops related to design, aimed mainly at school students. To stay updated on the activities of the new Dmogoro association, follow us on our channels.




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