La Bottega dell'Intreccio

La Bottega dell’Intreccio di Luciana Salaris

Our craft business “La Bottega dell’Intreccio” is situated in Bonarcado, a village at the foot of the Montiferru mountain range, in Sardinia. Behind this business, there’s us, two young guys with a big passion for Sardinian craftsmanship.

In the past few years we rediscovered how to use many ancient traditional tools, realised with poor materials and reprocessed with fine and new plaitings, which are gathered: a reinterpretation of local craftsmen’s ancient gestures, to finally give back modern and functional products.

These products are typical Sardinian baskets, hand plaited: handmade and decorated with fibres of different colours and materials. We use only natural ones, like river reeds, myrtle, broom, wild olive, mastic tree, elm tree, willow tree, marsh grass and rush. Because of these materials, baskets may vary on shape, measure and colour.



Via Europa, 53


+39 328 3382133

Orari laboratorio  Tue-Sat 8.30-13 and 17-20

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