Alessandro Lai

Alessandro Lai

After my graduation from Art School in Cagliari, I opened my Ceramics studio in the old town centre of Iglesias 29 years ago. In my works I try to reinterpret in an artistic way, old Sardinian production, without changing its symbols and expressive strength.

I manufacture everyday use products as plates, bowls and jugs. The procedure I use is the traditional one, that is the sgraffito technique on the engobe: a thin layer made of white clay covers the red one, with which I shape the piece and then it will be covered in yellow transparent enamel.

An important part of my work is represented by decorative panels with urban and mining landscapes, and my little sculptures: nuragic figures, little houses, goats, boars, horses, mamuthones, boes and merdules. These works have opaque, dark surfaces, without glaze, with flashings in reduction firing, in direct contact with wood, obviously in black and white as Naked Raku technique requests.


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