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Ariuceramiche di Cristina Ariu

Stefania got a diploma in Ceramics Applied Art, Cristina a degree from University in Art History and they have a project in common: to give shape and colour to that childhood, in which farmers and shepherds, weavers and carpenters liven their village up. That village is Mogoro.

Our handmade “sheep”, made of ovenproof clay, decorated by engraving, with our typical ‘curl’ which distinguishes our studio, represents tradition and innovation, as well as our Island which is not only beautiful sea, but also sweat, pasture and territory. This idea comes from our childhood when shapes and sounds of the agricultural world painted our days.

The gesture of identity translates into an object, and the sheep becomes not only our Island’s symbol but also our work feature.

In the same spirit, our study of materials looks for forgotten memories thanks to which ‘Bixinau‘ is born: a three-dimensional tale to honour all women, aunts, grandmothers, and girls who liven up the streets of our village.

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