Ceramiche Artistiche Cav. Nioi Luigi dei F.lli Nioi

Our business has ancient origins and is interconnected with our family history. It was born in 1925 thanks to Nioi Fedele, where he produced objects made of terracotta both for domestic and work use: water jugs, pans, pots, jars, vases.

In the 60’s, the business, together with Fedele’s knowledge, were transmitted to Luigi, his son, who brought significant adjustements about production, adapting it to uses and lifestyles of his period. He started manufactoring artistic ceramics always using models and designs which recall Sardinian culture.

Now, we are the third generation, sons of Luigi, Marco, Franco and Maurizio, who continue the family business and tradition, by realising all kinds of ceramics, always using the same old techniques and materials, but never identical to one another. Our works are created using our own bases, with handmade shapes, colours and designs; they are decorated with zoomorphic and floral patterns, inspired by Sardinian tradition.


Via Carmine 91



+39 070.941 224

Opening Mon-Fri 9-13 and 15.30-20 Sat 9-13


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