Domenico Cubeddu Ceramiche Artistiche

From the moment I graduated from Art school, my love for ceramics has never abandoned me. Even though I did other jobs, I kept researching, facing and exchanging with other ceramists. Those experiences shaped my identity and made me create my line of products. Therefore, in 2000 I started my own business.

My products are the result of a path, where I explore the everyday life of my village streets and my childhood memories. All those things give birth to balentes, the shepherds I met when I was a child: each one of them with its own posture and attitude, in other words unique.

Curiosity about my land’s roots has always animate my products. In this way, animals from our territory come out, always meticulously detailed and result of an archaeological and historical research. I also realise Mother Goddesses to pay homage to the great artist Costantino Nivola.

The material I mainly use is refractory clay, which I paint myself with self-made dyes.


Via Santa Maria 13


+39 338.566 6938

Opening Mon-Fri 9-12 and 15-18 Sat 9-12

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