Giampaolo Mameli Ceramiche d'Arte

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Giampaolo Mameli Ceramiche d’Arte

Relying on a reinterpretation of Sardinian prenuragic art, I reelaborated the Sacred Bull and the Mother Goddess icons, archetypical figures for fertility, obtaining shapes and decorations which are the focus of my work. Evocative choices in forms and skills in transposition, brought me to innovative stylistic solutions: traditional forms mixed with contemporary designs.

On the surfaces of Raku’s works, the full alternates with the empty, the backgrounds light up thanks to the fast succession of matter areas and others, illuminated by contrasting primary colours or precious nuances. Of “Bucchero” type, I use the old technique called “stralucido” for surfaces, in order to get simple and smooth shapes, covered in moderate and linear marks, bright even in their black monochromy and illuminated in few places by fragments of gold leaves.

As techniques I use : Raku, Bucchero and third firing colour effects.

Via Decimo, 113
09026 San Sperate (CA)
+39 070 9600 411

Opening Mon-Fri 8.30-13 and 16-19.30 Sat 8.30-13