I Cocci di Giuliana Collu

I Cocci di Giuliana Collu

I Cocci di Giuliana Collu

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I Cocci di Giuliana Collu

I am originally from Assemini, land of important potters and ceramists. I took my first steps in the clay world when I was a child, intrigued by the work of my uncles, who were skillful potters.

My education is rather classic: I attended several pottery classes, both on regional and national scale, in which I deepened my knowledge on many techniques. I also attended some workshops of experimental archeology, thanks to which I developed my expertise. Among my many experiences, it is worth mentioning a collaboration with a japanese artist, with whom I could communicate beyond language.

My works are entirely handmade, realised with clays and glazes of many colours. In the beginning, shapes, symbols and decorations I used, were inspired by Sardinian protohistoric period, but now, due to the mutual exchange and teaching with artists coming from other cultures, in my work lies a broader view.


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