I Monili di Mag di Maria Grazia Gavini

My road to Ceramics started attending Art School in Sassari. There, I fell in love with clay and I began to dream about opening my own studio. That dream came true in 2008 and the studio’s name is “I monili di Mag”. I consider myself a versatile artist, I’m never satisfied with my results and I’m always looking for new forms. My playful way of using colour makes me discover new chromaticisms and my natural artistic curiosity detects alternative techniques.

My production is mainly realised using refractory clay, but in my research of new chromaticisms I also use other kinds.

I mainly use slab and coiling techniques to build the craft up, and to decorate, glazes, enamels and engobes. My style differs from traditional Ceramics of Sardinia, but I can still evoque a reference thanks to my use of colours.


Via Sa Costera 7



+39 335.623 8921

Opening Mon-Fri 9.30-13

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