Rosaura Sanna

Rosaura Sanna

A strong passion for art made me attend the Sculpture program at the “Accademia Di Belle Arti” in Florence and Sassari and from that moment on I have never stopped working with clay.

In my studio I realise artistic pottery to decorate modern spaces, and sculptures. My works come from an extraordinary landscape experience as ours is, populated by rocks, trees, seas, hills, streams. Everyday visions which become part of your inner self and create forms.

I am also good at making bread and desserts, that’s why I use the rolling pin as my main tool, with which I realise thin layers such as Pane Cararau’s ones. I don’t use moulds, I don’t use slip casting, but I lay those thin layers down on various supports which I realise to be suitable for my ideas. Then I shape the clay, every time in different ways, sometimes the clay guides me in forming shapes naturally.

That’s why each product is different from other ones, inevitably unique.

Zona Industriale Prato Sardo, Lotto 71
08100 Nuoro (NU)
+39 340 2603 981

Opening Mon-Fri 9-13 and 16-19

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