Simonetta Liscia Ceramiche e Vetro Artistico

Simonetta Liscia Ceramiche e Vetro Artistico

I have always had a great passion for arts and crafts. My goal was opening a studio to use my experience in ceramics. This experience has developed over the years by realising many furniture accessories as lamps, for example.

When I was working exactly on this production, I discovered other materials, particularly glass, which fascinated me with its lightness and clearness. In this material, I found the perfect tool to express my creativity, so glass gradually took ceramics’ place.

My intense research began mainly with fusing glass technique, a research for constantly evolving styles and procedures, which gives my products a decisive mark of mine by adding copper handmade decorations, play of threads, weaves and golden embossed plates incorporated into glass.



Via dell’Autonomia Regionale Sarda, 95

Quartu Sant’Elena

+39 339 5341987