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Sinzos di Laura Puggioni

Drawing has always been my dream since I was a child and I have always believed that it could become my work one day. After my long academic path, I developped a growing interest in Ceramics. My artistic education helped me to create a unique style which allows me to mix traditional with modern design.

My studio’s name is “Sinzos”, from the word “signs”: the pencil sign on a white sheet, the brush sign on canvas, the burin sign on clay. My job starts by working on clay which, soft and flexible, transforms in my hands to finally become a real form, which I decorate with many techniques as engraving, hand painted polychrome glazes, or by overlapping them.

I create a large range of crafts: from design objects, which could characterise a room; miniatures as jewels ; a new black and white collection for food use.

Via Giampiero Chironi, 59
08100 Nuoro (NU)
+39 339 1242269

Opening Mon-Fri 9-13 and 16-20.30 Sat 9-13

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