Terrapintada Ceramiche

Terrapintada Ceramiche di Robert Carzedda

After our graduation from Art School and a degree from the Accademia di Belle Arti in 1996, we started our Ceramics business, using a former mill as studio, situated in the centre of Bitti.

We don’t have any local or family tradition. Our work references originate from collected concepts in popular culture, international and deep, which we apply on many research fields, all characterised by form and colour linearity, geometry and metaphor.

With these prerequisites on mind we realise our craft’s collections. One of them is called ‘’Settanta’’, in which we try to surpass the industrial product by filling it in what lacks: the doubt, the mistake, the millimetric misalignment characteristic of handmade products.

Our favourite shaping method is by potter’s wheel, but we also adopt many other procedures according to the project we will realise: the extrusion, slip casting and slab technique.


Via Brigata Sassari 74



+39 0784 414 072

Opening Mon-Fri 9-13 and 15.30-19.30 Sat 9-13