Ceramiche Artistiche di Valentina Pisu

Ever since I was little, I developped a passion for figurative art, first nurtured at Art High School and then at International School of Comics in Reggio Emilia attending the illustration program. Then, unexpectedly, I went back to Ceramics, thanks to a partnership with a professional ceramist and to my further studies. From that moment on I felt the need to start my own business.

To work, I prefer gray clay and white earthenware, using many procedures: from shaping by potter’s wheel to stretching out a base of clay with the hand sheeter. To decorate, I prefer coloured engobes which allow me to use sgraffito technique for the details, to merge colours and matter during the first firing.

I realise paintings, sculptures, ring-shaped amphoras and jewellery, strongly inspired by the fairy-tale world of illustration. I also created the children’s course named “Ceramica e fiabe, creando fantasticando attraverso le fiabe di Antonio Gramsci” (Ceramics and fairy tales, creating and dreaming through Antonio Gramsci’s fables).


Via Othoca, 30



+39 328.947 5516

Opening Tue-Sat 16.30-20

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