Antonio Contini

Antonio Contini

I am an precocious craftsman who began his artistic career, already at the age of 13, as a Sardinian furniture carver in a small artisan workshop in Assemini. I soon realized I could undertake this new art when a client brought me the wooden handle of an old knife to fix it. So, slowly, I learned to make typical knives of the Sardinian tradition. Today I work in my artisan workshop in Assemini, where I make entirely handmade knives. The materials I prefer are, for the handles, the mouflon horn, sheepskin and buffalo and natural woods such as olive and juniper; for blades, however, steels such as the MA5MV and the C70. I like the dialogue and comparison. In the major craft fairs I have met many people from all over the world with whom, in addition to commercial relationships, over time I have built solid friendship relationships.



Località Sa Traia – Assemini

+39 338 4217822

Facebook: Coltelli Sardi Contini

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