Atelier Marinella Staico

I am a pattern maker graduated from Burgo Fashion Institute in Milan. In 2000 I opened my studio, “Sartoria Incanti”, which I later named “Atelier Marinella Staico”, in 2014. I design each and every collection, from patterns to cutting and the finishing, taking care of every little detail.

I come from Staico family, which arrived in Sardinia coming from Arka – a city in Greece –  at the end of the 16th century. In “Sa Costa” area in Cagliari, now “Via Manno”, the Staico’s opened a tailor’s shop, where they created “Su Sereniccu”, a coat made of cloth which later became part of the male traditional costume of Campidano area, specifically the Quartu Sant’Elena one.

In the last few years, I have been taking part in fashion shows in many Sardinian locations and in as many cultural events and fairs and I received a recognition as an expert from Sardinian Regional Prime Minister.



Via Carmine, 200/c


+39 340 5017507

Opening Mon-Fri 9.30-13 and 16.30-20   Sat 9.30-13

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