Enter his laboratory


I started my business in Milan, but with a one way ticket I moved to Cagliari together with it. My studio is situated in an old area called Villanova and, with many bags hanging from the ceiling like colourful fruit from a bizarre tree and many shelves full of multicoloured remnants, I design and make my bags with a small but very efficient working group.

Exploring shapes and volumes, I combine materials, different in colours and textures : I assemble pvc with Sardinian traditional fabrics as the “battoro” in posta, a fabric with a black and white pattern used to produce saddlebags; I sew the “orbace“, Sardinian strong fabric made of coarse wool, with denim, canvas and vintage prints. I make buttons using terracotta or recycled objects I casually find.

My bags are unique, entirely handmade, often on request. A fresh and original style, with innovative and unpredictable combinations.



Via San Domenico, 42



+39 349 8636573

Opening  Mon-Sat 9-13 e 17-20