Dè Modè Atelier

Dè Modè Atelier

We are Annamaria Baldinu and Elettra Pisanu, and Dè Modè Atelie is one of the major fashion houses in Sardinia. We make clothes in a contemporary style, connecting the lines of the Sardinian tradition to today’s innovative rediscoveries. Among the collaborations we’ve been part of, we remember in particular the latest for the project Fabric|s.
Dè Modè’s woman doesn’t go unnoticed. Determined and open to the world, she’s dressed with colors and drapes of her land, reinventing them in a a contemporary style. The lines of the Sardinian tradition are rediscovered in an innovative way. A conception of fashion that embraces the metropolitan class and the ethnic roots, drawing the picture of a woman that knows how to stand out, that looks into the future without forgetting her past. The dress tells the story of who wears it in the smart combination between austerity and delicacy, between strength and weakness, in a continuous chase after each other of ancient and modern that give the woman a new fierceness and consciousness of her own female charm.


Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 69


Telefoni: +39 347 6139995 +39 389 0412242


+39 347 6139995  – +39 389 0412242

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