La Robbia di Maurizio Savoldo

La Robbia di Maurizio Savoldo

La Robbia di Maurizio Savoldo

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La Robbia di Maurizio Savoldo

My adventure with natural colours began with my studies in natural sciences and with my strong will to start a sustainable business, harmless for humans’ health. During my journey I was lucky to get to know elderly people of my village, repositories of ancient knowledges, which now complete and enrich my profession.

In our studio we dye yarns and textiles with natural pigments then used to make clothing and furniture accessories. We use raw materials from plants, both local and exotic. All our products are in line with the idea of sustainable local development and they don’t cause any contact dermatitis.

In our work we adopt the same old cycle used a long time ago by dyers, but renewed, thanks to my scientific knowledges. Moreover, my mother creates original and quality crafts which recall Sardinian tradition.



Via Sandro Pertini, 2


+39 338 2773369

Opening   Mon-Sat 9-13 and 16-19.30

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