Michaela Vargiu Designer

Michaela Vargiu Designer

Michaela Vargiu Designer

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Michaela Vargiu Designer

I was born in Milan in 1968, where I graduated in design. After several professional experiences in the fashion field, in 2008 I decided to move to Sardinia. Here I gave up on tailoring clothing and I turned my attention to fashion accessories made of textiles, realised by using the power loom or the handloom produced in many Sardinian towns.

Each of my bags has one-of-a-kind design, always produced using different combinations of textiles and colours. My bags are entirely handmade and they combine traditional fabrics with many others like linen, silk, wool, cotton, leather and fake leather, hide, metal, wood, all of them rigorously refined. I constantly realise new designs, so that each and every bag will differ from others, to really become an one-of-a-kind product.



Via Sant’Agostino, 36



+39 366 5324228

Opening  Mon 16-20   Tue-Sat 9.30-13 and 16-20

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