Chiara's Officina d'arte

Chiara’s Officina d’arte

The Workshop of Art Chiara’s, “L’officina d’arte Chiara’s”, was born as an artisan workshop of glass-fusing and lamp-working of glass in July 2009, from the will of turning a real passion into a profession. I had the luck of meeting on my way teachers that transmitted me, beyond the technique, the love for the material and the charm of it’s processing. After learning the basic concepts and techniques, I started a period of self-taught deepening through testing of shapes, colors and materials that continues still to this day.
Every piece is unique as it’s handmade. The inspiration starts from the shapes, the mediterraneans traditions and colors stylized with the magic and style of modern day creations. Production ranges from furnishing to personal accessories.


Corso Vittorio Emanuele III, 128


+39 346 5026086

Facebook: chiara secchi