VetroTiffany Alcoa

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VetroTiffany Alcoa di Anna Laura Coa

Since I was a child, my love for drawing and my creative talent have always identified me. Elements that became concrete when I opened my business. I decorated bottles as a hobby and then I fell in love with glass, uncharacteristic material for our context, but still appreciated by many people, thanks to my creations.

I realise artistic glass windows and furniture as chandeliers, wall lights, lamps, plates, centrepieces, wall and desk clocks. I have been constantly experimenting in the glass windows’ field, employing fusing and tiffany techniques, and constantly trying to mix the most ancient techniques with recent ones, to always obtain original objects, appropriate for any purpose.

In the meanwhile, I have been dedicating myself to a new line of products using fusing glass technique, which strongly recalls my land, with its traditions and colours and which has always been a strong inspiration.



Via San Simaco, 247


+39 0783 405203

Opening  Mon-Fri 9.30-12.30 and 16.30-19.30

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