Gioielli d'Autore Andrea Cadoni

Gioielli d'Autore Andrea Cadoni

Gioielli d'Autore Andrea Cadoni

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Gioielli d’Autore Andrea Cadoni

I grew up in the mining village called Montevecchio and after my studies accomplished in Alghero, I decided to come back to my hometown to start my career as a craftsman, so I opened my shop in 2000.

My daily connection with nature and the fascinating history of my Island, always led me to search for alternative and natural materials to realise my products: from fragrant juniper wood to Mediterranean shells, where I found my highest expressiveness.

My products are entirely designed and realised by me, and they can be defined real jewels, because they come from a state of mind; small works of art made to be easily worn and shown.


Via San Giovanni 376


+39 340.8225 139

Opening Tue-Sat 9-14 and 17-21

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