Anna d'Arte Orafa Filigranista

Anna d'Arte Orafa Filigranista

Anna d'Arte Orafa Filigranista

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Anna d’Arte Orafa Filigranista

My goal is to design and create silver and golden jewellery based on Sardinian traditional filigree jewels and not only that. Even though my business is young, I have a vast experience in this field, achieved by taking specialisation courses into the best artistic goldsmith’s shops in Sardinia.

My research leads me to explore Sardinian traditional filigree technique in a modern context of jewellery, to satisfy both nostalgic customers, loyal to the old goldsmithing art, and more contemporary tastes, in a modern and dynamc context for women.

As a result, we propose a solid and professional business which guarantees reliability of our products and services.


Via Lombardia 29


+39 366.208 9087

Opening Mon-Fri 9.30-13 and 16-20

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