Marrocu Gioielli

Marrocu Gioielli

Our little shop opened in 1967, inheriting and treasuring an old family tradition of craftsmanship.

Even if inspired by Sardinian history and culture, each one of our products has its peculiarity and modernity : every object takes shape and substance carrying its own history. The research, the study and finally manual skills make every object an exclusive product.

In our shop, we begin with melting the precious metals which are then laminated and drawn by our hands to obtain the finest sheets and threads. Later, they are curved, to obtain the granulation, then shaped and soldered with care and creativity by our skilful goldsmith’s hands. We use many techniques as embossing, chiseling, fretwork, granulation and engraving.

Via Nazionale, 302
09039 Villacidro (VS)
+39 070 931 0010

Opening Mon-Fri 9-13 and 17-20.30 Sat 9-13