Fucina orafa di Daniele Sitzia

Fucina orafa di Daniele Sitzia 

Born in 1959, son and grandson of craftsmen, I learned the first rudiments for the processing of materials from them. For years I worked in artisan goldsmith shops, my workshop was born in 2005. For many years the love for beauty and attention to detail combined with passion and creativity make me a manufacturer of precious objects, true unique pieces. I love to give shape to my ideas, to devote a large part of my time to the creation of sketches and to see my artistic, artisanal and commercial works born, beyond the watermark. The creations are with precious and semi-precious stones, mother of pearl, horn and coral. There were also many fashion shows both regionally and nationally alongside famous personalities in the field of fashion, receiving important prizes and awards.


Fucina Orafa di Sitzia Daniele

Via Daniele Manin, 1 – 09047, Selargius

E-mail: info@fucinaorafa.com

Phone 070 8600714; 335 8458216; 338 7825036