Laboratorio Orafo Peppino Mele

Laboratorio Orafo Peppino Mele

Laboratorio Orafo Peppino Mele

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Laboratorio Orafo Peppino Mele

My goldsmith’s shop has an ancient history and it is situated in Oristano’s city centre. It is specialised in working obsidian, a siliceous mineral with an amorphous structure, and extremely elegant.

Obsidian has an old and fascinating history. It was even used by ancient Egyptians to realise scarabs and seals and by Romans to finely realise inlaid cups.

I my studio I chip, cut and set obsidian on gold and gems, obtaining unique jewels as pendants, earrings and rings well matched with gemstones and corals. Moreover, I realise the “pinnareddu”, a pin attached on cradles, used to prevent “malocchio” (evil spells).



Piazza Mariano 26


+39 335.847 8921

Opening Mon-Sat 9.30-13 and 16.30-20.30

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