Graziano Viale - Safir

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Graziano Viale – Safir

I was born in Veneto region 57 years ago, but I have been living in Sardinia for 36 years now, where I enjoy creating masks from Ottana, Mamoiada and Oristano’s tradition. I also realise theatrical masks and I send them to Venice and in all Europe, working with theatre companies and different artists who use Sardinian traditional masks for their performances.

Sardinian carnival masks, because of their many expressions and shapes, have always fascinated me and during last years, I have been working on colours, decorations and researching for ancient models.

To realise a mask, first I prepare a wooden or fibreglass mould to work raw-leather with hot water. Once the leather is fixed, I use small wooden spatulae to model and shape it on the mask expression. Then, I refine and decorate the mask using stamps. When the raw-leather is finally dried, I cut it out to complete the work by colouring. Now the mask is finally ready to be worn.



Via Brigata Sassari, 34 (April to October At the Archaeological Area of ​​Tharros)


+39 333 9668581

Opening Mon – Sat 10-19