Sa Sabattera

Sa Sabattera

My business is born from the passion for an ancient art, which, as of today, just a few continue to exert: shoemaking.
Taking advantage of the fact of having the art in my home, I started this adventure learning my job from my uncle and later taking the lead in the business when he retired.
I’m the shoemaker “Sa Sabattera” from Isili. I fix shoes, bags and belts, but also couches and carpets and everything I can repair. With time I started making some bags (with or without fabric inserts), discovering a big passion also in the making of belts, backpacks, accessories and everything you can make with leather and hide. I even started a fruitful collaboration with Isili’s knitters, so that my bags could capture also a piece of history of the town, to which I’m very close.
The workshop “Sa Sabattera” in some occasions has organized a rich program of activities, with themed exhibitions, educational workshops and work demostrations.


Via Dante, 14/a


+39 327 9770604

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