Adriano Concas

Adriano Concas

Adriano Concas

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Adriano Concas

My shop is born in 2011 in Villaputzu. Even if there wasn’t any tradition on copper processing in Sarrabus area, I have started this business because I was fascinated by this ancient metal shades and ductility.

My job consists in researching and reproducing old tools which are part of Sardinian cuisine culture, but without ignoring the possibility to take into consideration modern design. In my collection you will find not only copper pots, but also chandeliers and sculptures

In addition, I realise tools used to cut and decorate fresh pasta and artistic bread, preserving old procedures as forging and burnishing by fire.

My business would also like to be a way to declare the beauty of “handmade” to new generations and avoid its decline.



Via Sulis, 53/57


+39 348 733 9272

Opening Mon-Sat 16-20