Roberto Ziranu Riflessi di Ferro

Roberto Ziranu Riflessi di Ferro

Roberto Ziranu Riflessi di Ferro

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Roberto Ziranu Riflessi di Ferro

I was born in 1969 in Orani and I moved my business to Nuoro in 2003, taking with me the story of five generation of smiths.

My work is a continuous research and experimentation which wants to give the iron a soul by setting free its colours, its sides of alive, hard and passionate matter. I can realise iron sculptures using many techniques as engraving, forging, flaming.

My works are unique pieces, entirely handmade and they are a union of modern design and Sardinian tradition, mixing archaic with contemporary.

You will find all that in my collection called “Reflections” which contains Sails, Artistic Plates and Paintings on Iron, realised by flaming plate technique. In the collection “Origins” you will find: Corsages, Leggings, Male and Female Figures.



Via Limbara, 16


+39 338 5631444

Opening Mon-Fri 9-13 and 15-19.30