Stile Imperfetto di Diego Arru

Imperfect Style, “Stile Imperfetto”, was born officially in 2014, but in Diego’s head it had always existed. Art of wrought iron made in an artistic way is in his DNA, it has always been part of his life, since he was a teenager who loved helping his father in the family’s workshop.
His creations are entirely handmade, unique pieces of design, from a big mansion’s furniture to big gates… from railings, or roofing for terraces to masks… there’s never something trivial or predictable. Iron knotted like a soft rope, molded like it’s a soft and scented flower, his passion is creating works that have style, elegance and originality.

Via Vivaldi, 1
09095 Mogoro (OR)
Telefono: 340 1081593

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