Artigianato Sardo

Artigianato sardo di Marcella Flore

At Samugheo, a town of old and solid artisanal tradition, in my textile workshop is guarded a precious family knowledge. Valuables skills with the loom, which, as usual, see the passing of the torch from mother to daughter.
Open in the seventies, by my mother Giuseppina, expert embroider, the workshop specialized from the start in the production of drapes strongly tied to the local textile tradition, of which are preserved the precious drawings and the typical artisanal techniques. My sister first took the lead of the business, and then in 2011 I came in, involved since I was a teen in the rich life of the workshop and motivated to collect the knowledge handed down from my mother, bringing to the already well-established experience my desire to continue.
The laboratory works at a production focused on furnishing drapes and is characterized for it’s manufacture’s finesse, value of the yarns and loyalty to tradition in the proposition of decorative motifs. We collaborate with plenty of shops specialized in quality craft productions.

Indirizzo e contatti:

Via della Pace, 38

09086 Samugheo (OR)

Phones: +39 078364191 +39 340 2859146