Eugenia Pinna

Eugenia Pinna

I come from a village in the Sardinian inland area, Nule, which boasts an ancient textile tradition. When I was a little girl I learnt how to weave traditional carpets by hand-loom. Later, I studied Design at Istituto Europeo di Design in Cagliari and from that moment on I ran a little business which produces carpets.

My collection mainly consists in carpets, decorative panels and other textile products. I essentially use the “a stuoia” technique, characteristic of Nule, and my products are all handmade by vertical hand-loom. Beginning with materials, techniques and patterns, obtained from old blankets, I realise my carpets which have solid wefts and are 4,5 mm thick.

Both warp and weft are made of Sardinian wool, fabric known for its great resistance. All my products can be customised for measures and colours, but with a maximum width of 200 cm.



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