Tessile Prof. Cannas

Tessile Prof. Cannas

Tessile Prof. Cannas

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Tessile Prof. Cannas 

Our business was born in 1997 in Aggius. In fact, here Prof. Cannas found the weaving school we attended.

We are committed to promoting traditional textile crafts in the whole world. We continue especially the carpet tradition of Aggius, recognisable by its geometrical forms and its bright colours evoked by nature. Exactly like our ancestors used to, we realise carpets using sheep wool then dyed by using local plant products as flowers, barks, roots and leaves.

We also realise, using the “a pipiones” technique, Sardinian classic carpets, called “soprariccio”, operating with many materials (wool, linen, cotton) and many other colours, besides the classic white one. Our production is wide: carpets, curtains, towels, tablecloths, runners, cushions, blankets and saddlebags in many sizes and colours, even on request.



Via Li Criasgi c/o Centro ISOLA



+39 079 620299

Opening Mon – Fri 09-12.30 and 15-19