L’Angolino di Maria Daniela Zedda

My shop called “L’angolino” was born in 1999 thanks to my great passion for handiwork, weaving and natural textiles.

Linen, as you can see in the business’ name (Lino), is the main fabric used. Moreover, the most part of my crafts is made using the “a pibiones” technique, where little grapes patterns are embossed and obtained by rolling the weft thread up to a knitting needle to create the chosen design.

The delicate pastel shades of linen, the attention I pay to every detail and the laborious embroidery “a jour” I use, make my crafts unique, valuable and ready to handle the time challenge.



Via Umberto, 11



+39 0782 804029

Opening  Mon – Sat 08-13 and 16-20

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