Cooperativa tessitrici Su Trobasciu

Cooperativa tessitrici Su Trobasciu

Cooperativa tessitrici Su Trobasciu

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Cooperativa Tessitrici Su Trobasciu

We are an all women cooperative, operating in Mogoro since 1978. We boast many collaborations with artists, and participations to many projects about the reinterpretation of traditional weaving. Now, we also are a reference point of touristic-cultural itineraries, made to spread the knowledge of traditional art of weaving.

On our traditional hand-looms, we use many techniques: “a bagas”, brocade wefts for tapestry; “a pibiones” used for carpets, where wefts are embossed, and made of Sardinian wool, cotton and linen.

From our accurate study of tradition, the careful combining of natural yarns, ancient techniques, symbols and traditional designs, our products arise: tapestry, carpets, saddlebags and cushions. Precious products because of their history, each one of them has something to tell us.


C/O Centro Fiera dell’Artigianato


+39 0783.990 581

Opening  Mon – Fri 08.30-14 and 15.30-19.30   Sat 09-13

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