Antonello Puddu Maestr'e Linna

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Antonello Puddu

Since I was a child, I helped my father in his work. From him I learnt the ancient art of carving which I use especially to recreate traditional marriage chests in a very accurate way.

Each work is an art form, respectful of our tradition, in which I introduce innovative elements, always coherent with local craftsmanship history. Nowadays, I also create artistic decorative objects, furniture accessories and wooden toys which won many prizes. 

My products are characterised by the carving technique with delicate polychromy, realised by chisels and gouges and following traditional procedures. To realise our works, we mainly use chestnut wood. The most significant moment in decoration consists in choosing and realising the design, sa mustra, in which I express, with great passion, my knowledge and competence in craftsmanship.


Via Principe di Piemonte, 2


+39 347 1839263

Opening Mon-Sat 8-13 and 16-20