Bruno Mandis di Marco e Sergio Mandis snc

Bruno Mandis di Marco e Sergio Mandis snc

Bruno Mandis, is a registered trademark.
Excellence of typical and traditional Sardinian Artistic Handicraft, he is the creator of the new style, Modern Sardinian Artistic Handicraft.
The most popular and well-known collections are those in pastel colors, white and light blue. The carvings made entirely by hand.
The Bruno Mandis furniture is embellished. From hand-painting, which makes every room unique and exclusive. Fire signature, on each product, to testify and certify the authenticity of the product.
Production of all furniture for interiors, bedrooms and living areas. Modern and traditional Artistic Kitchens are also very popular. Doors, stairs and bathroom furniture included.


Via dell’Artigianato
Mogoro (Or) 09095

+39 348 4023591


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