Ercolegno di Ercole Spanu

When I was a teenage boy, it was satisfying to be economically indipendent thanks to chairs (scanni) caning work, led by “su scannaius” in our village shops. Then, a Regional course in artistic woodwork and restoration stimulated my curiosity and passion, so for around 20 years now I have been realising custom-made products: usual or original and creative forms, sometimes embellished by carved decorations, partially modified from tradition.

Sideboards, kitchens, tables, stools, shelves, wood upholstery, niche furniture, bookcases, bedrooms, lofts, false ceilings, wooden stairs; I use solid and semi-finished wood, preferring the one coming from controlled and guaranteed cultivations.

For a few years I have been participating to the project called DMogoro, present in this Exhibition, and for about a year I have been working with some young designers, encouraged to find new innovative forms.


Via Cortiaccia, at Mobilificio Orrù


+39 349 5441326

Laboratory hours by appointment

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