Artisti del Legno di Alberto, Sandro e Delio Mandis

Since the late 1800’s, Mandis’ family passed from father to sons the art of working with the finest woods as juniper, chestnut and olive. Delio, our father, passed on his incomparable art to us, and even in retirement he gives us his precious advice, kept safe by me, Alberto, and my brother Sandro, by carrying on with our art.

Artisti del legno” (woodworking artists) because we’re not simple craftsmen, but authentic artists, offering our unique Sardinian traditional style along with a modern view.

Our production consists in typical little “scanni” (traditional chairs); chests; tables made of juniper; chestnut and olive wood, decorated with little carved cubes; kitchens and any kind of furniture customers ask for. Decorations with traditional patterns are enriched by non-toxic dye, particularly blended by me, thanks to my passion for painting. It makes each piece unique and exclusive.


Via Luigi Fois, 87


+39 347 0005971

+39 347 0005971

Opening Mon-Fri 9-13 and 15.30-20

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