Is Femmineddas

Is Femmineddas

Is Femmineddas

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Is Femmineddas di Francesca Serra

We immediately searched for a line of production which could mark the encounter between Sardinian traditional figures and new creations, and we found a common ground: recycling.

Bring back to life old wood and other materials is the basis of our production. The passage of time through objects which maintain the signs of their previous lives. Our figures seem to ask themselves: « Why am I here ? »

Femmineddas (little women), ominis (men), janas (Sardinian fairies) and animals, often injured and with band-aids; they look around with puzzled, innocent eyes.

They are looking for their place in the world, or at least they try. We also take a look at houses: peeled, often with ruined windows, which stand up just by leaning one against the other as old friends. From these visions we capture significant instants, moments of their life, real or imagined but always eccentric.



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