La Bottega del Sughero

La Bottega del Sughero

Born in 1995, a small but ambitious family-run workshop, which, at least in the start, worked only on behalf of third parties in the craft industry. Now my Workshop of the Cork, “Bottega del Sughero”, has launched a new brand with new collections, with the intent of finding another balance between tradition and the necessary innovation in the making of cork bags.
The attention to detail, the passion and the mastery of the artisans remained intact in the company spirit, with which I wanted to characterize the new life of the Bottega.
In an original way we create fashion and trends in the manufacturing sector, with a branding that is recognizable by it’s details and shapes and with a product that is one hundred percent made in Sardinia, today distributed and sold in all Europe.
The experience handed down by my father has gone through a careful trial in the usage of this noble material which is completely natural, creating a fusion between craftsmanship and fashion in the sign of an innovative design.


via Principe di Piemonte, 35


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