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Maestrodascia di Federico Coni

My enthusiasm and passion for wood were born when I was a child thanks to my grandfather and father, carpenters, as I am now. Then, I started woodworking, following the family tradition, but in my own personal way. I don’t consider myself a common craftsman, I fully exploit tradition to propose new and original forms

Inspired by Collodi, Jacovitti, Hieronymus Bosh, Fortunato Depero and Eugenio Tavolara’s work, my imagination hold my ability’s hand to create characters as animals, wooden puppets with zoomorphic and anthropomorphic elements, often recycling waste of production.

My passion also brought me to invent and curate some creative workshops for children to let their imagination run free, or to make them observe and create from an old piece of wood, dancing animals and funny characters.



Corso Cattedrale ,39


+39 340 0939318

Laboratory open by appointment

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