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Technolegno Plus di Luigi Casu

In my carpenter’s shop, we have been working wood for three generations, and inside it, you can immediately feel this family heritage.

When I was in London in the wonderful 70’s, I got to know many people, cultures and styles. These dissimilarities made me search for new materials, technologies, forms and chromatic matches. I passed my passion and inclination towards research to my son Luigi. Exchange is a positive thing, grows and evolves, so that craft’s culture can become more precious and ready to new challenges.

Our products are handmade using various raw materials. We offer customised stairs and furniture, real wood kitchens, designer’s furniture, outdoor arbours and porch roofs. Our distinguishing feature is the opportunity and prerogative to realise custom made products, in order to create everyday, new and exciting challenges.



Via Sa Struvina Zona Artigianale


+39 0783 990776

Opening  Mon-FRi 8-13 and 14.30-18

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