The exhibition

The Thread of Tradition


The Artistic Craft Exhibition of Sardinia is an fair and cultural space that was created to narrate, showcase and enhance the excellence of Sardinian artistic craftsmanship.

It is the longest-running craft fair in the region. It is an exhibition space that is renewed year after year, in which the narration of Sardinia is made through the stories and creations of the best master craftsmen of the whole Island.

Our Values

The Sardinian Artistic Craft Exhibition represents a set of values ​​that describe Sardinia through the work and sweat of the artisans, the extraordinary elegance of their products, the commitment to continuous innovation that descends from a millennial tradition and is reborn every day in the labs. A tradition rich in contamination but which has managed to maintain its uniqueness, such as to be a new and disruptive voice in the European tourism and cultural panorama.

It is the event where visitors can immerse themselves in the most hidden Sardinia, made of workshops and people who get their hands dirty, and breathe the culture of the Island thanks to the beauty of its creations, the passion of the people who live there, the wealth of its history in the artisan techniques that have been handed down for generations.

The Vision

The Sardinian Artistic Craft Exhibition wants:

  • to bring the creations and craftsmanship of Sardinian craftsmen out of the confines of the island, to make the Fair and the whole Sardinian artistic crafts sector one of the most important cultural and economic realities of the nation and the Mediterranean;
  • become a space where innovation and tradition meet and contaminate each other, where the ancient techniques inherited from the past confront the new expressions and technological trends of IoT and craftsmanship 4.0, where technology and tradition go hand in hand with environmental, social and economic sustainability;
  • become the privileged place for Sardinian institutions where to place every reflection and from which to start every initiative in the field of Sardinian artistic craftsmanship;
  • create a regional network of artisans, designers, architects, craft museums, fairs of artistic craftsmanship, a constantly evolving network, which allows you to reduce the distances between the various nodes and allows you to establish a constructive and fruitful dialogue for all those interested in this constantly evolving world.